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Haitian immigrants face many challenges

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Immigration

The recent descent into chaotic gang rulership in urban Haitian cities has driven many fearful, law-abiding citizens of the devastated country to set sail for Florida, seeking asylum.

But those lucky enough to make it to American shores without capsizing have not had the welcome mat rolled out to receive them. The governor and former presidential candidate has long opposed the concept of open borders and is a hardliner on immigration issues.

Violent ripples affect Florida residents

There are over 270,000 residents of our state who emigrated from Haiti to the United States. Many of these people have relatives and friends whose lives are imperiled due to the violent lawlessness that has become the norm in the island nation.

Due to poor communication, some wait anxiously for word that their loved ones are still alive in the carnage.

What can Haitian refugees do?

With a robust government response repatriating the refugees back to war-torn Haiti, the odds are not good for those bold enough to take to the sea in small boats seeking respite from violence.

It is always better to work within the legal immigration system when seeking asylum. Haitian residents of Florida can learn more about the resources available to asylum-seekers and work within the constraints of the law to sponsor family members so they can arrive legally.

The immigration process is complex and can take a long time. The circumstances of the Haiti situation bring an urgency to the matter, so do not hesitate to initiate the process that will bring your loved ones safely to America.