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Providing The Effective Counsel You Deserve

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Photo of the legal professional at Corona Law Firm P.A.
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Credit Card Disputes

Credit Card Law suits can affect your finances for many years to come. If you ignore or don’t defend a law suit from a credit card company or bank your other assets can be at risk of repossession or seizure. Even your earnings can be subject to garnishment to satisfy a judgment debt. We have seen banks and finance companies wait several years after obtaining a judgment and then when you least expect it they can garnish your bank account, repossess your auto or garnish take your wages. We can defend these suits and eliminate the debt or negotiate for you a reduction and or payment plan.

Litigation Has Become A Very Highly Contested And Busy Field In Recent Years Due To Various Reasons, Including The Economic Crisis

Credit card litigation has become a very highly contested and busy field in recent years due to various reasons, including the economic crisis. Corona Law Firm, P.A., has a department dedicated to these actions. It is very important to have representation in these cases to defend one’s rights and to avoid final judgments, which can lead to consequences.

Some of the issues one can face due to a credit card company obtaining a judgment are: garnishment of wages, bank accounts and liens. In these actions, we fight the creditor and attempt to dismiss the action.

While we attempt to dismiss your case, we can raise defenses that can possibly give you leverage in your case and could possibly negotiate a settlement for a lump sum settlement or possibly lower manageable payments.

The reduction of balances varies from case to case, but some cases have been reduced from 5%–50% of the debt amount. Remember, every case is different.

If you find yourself faced with a lawsuit from a collection or credit card company, contact a knowledgeable attorney from the Corona Law Firm, P.A., for a free consultation.