Providing The Effective Counsel You Deserve

Photo of the legal professional at Corona Law Firm P.A.

Providing The Effective Counsel You Deserve

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Photo of the legal professional at Corona Law Firm P.A.
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If Your Home Is At Risk For Foreclosure, You Need To Act Quickly

We take pride in fighting to protect your home or investment property from banks, creditors, or associations trying to foreclose. We have defended thousands of foreclosure cases through trial and have intimate knowledge of the law. Every case is different but we know how to fight or can work with the bank to get you the time to be able to get back on your feet financially and or negotiate a modification or other solution.

For years, Florida has had one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Let us be one of the first to say: Facing foreclosure does not make you a bad person, and all kinds of circumstances outside of your control can contribute to or cause you to face foreclosure. What is important now is that you know your rights and you take appropriate steps to protect yourself financially.

Our attorneys have decades of experience working with families and individuals statewide facing foreclosure proceedings. From your very first consultation at Corona Law Firm, P.A., you have access to compassionate, supportive lawyers with a vast knowledge and experience, all focused on helping you in moments of crisis. Email our office today for an appointment.

Steadfast And Effective Foreclosure Defense

A notice of foreclosure does not necessarily mean you need to begin packing. In many cases, you can take advantage of options like refinancing, debt negotiations, forbearance or other options. By understanding your rights under the terms of your loan, the laws around home mortgages and your options as a whole, you give yourself the power to make the right choices for you, they include staying in your home or choosing other options.

Because our attorneys are experienced and intimately familiar with Florida’s legal system, we have the capacity to help you find a solution that lasts. After helping hundreds of people in similar situations, you can trust us to guide you.

Take Control Of Your Financial Needs At Corona Law Firm, P.A.

We can support you throughout your foreclosure defense. Reach us at 305-521-9592 today.