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Why gray divorce is unique

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Family Law

Is divorce different with age? Gray divorce, divorce after 50, can be different from younger ones. Both types may stem from similar reasons, but involved parties may not go through the same experiences.

Here is how gray divorce may be different.

Its property division can be complicated

The discussion surrounding wealth is changing with time. With numerous opportunities and non-traditional sources of income, people are purchasing high-value assets at earlier ages. Thus, younger couples may also have a complex property division. However, the cases are higher with gray divorces. 

A significant percentage of people have properties, retirement plans, stocks, jewelry and businesses, among other assets, by 50. This can make property division complicated, especially when a couple has been married for a long time.

It can be confusing for the children

Divorce that involves minor kids can be stressful, as they may have to move between two homes now and then. However, unexpectedly, a divorce involving adult children can also be confusing. 

Going through a divorce when a child is possibly independent and old enough to have strong opinions can be difficult. Before they support the decision, they may try to oppose it.

It can involve a lot of emotions

Gray divorces can have more emotional factors than divorces at an earlier age. For starters, many couples going through it have been married for many years. Thus, separation may be more difficult. Further, some people are always stressed about “starting over,” especially those divorcing at an older age – 70 or above. But with therapy and spending time with loved ones, you should get through it.

If you are going through a gray divorce, it will help to learn more about it to make the right moves and protect your interests.