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How common are slip-and-fall accidents? 

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

There are numerous ways that a person can get injured through no fault of their own. Cars often clash with other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, causing severe injuries to affected parties. 

It may come as a surprise, but slip-and-fall accidents are another common source of injury. What makes these incidents so dangerous is that they can essentially happen to anyone in any location. So, exactly how dangerous are these types of accidents and just how common are they? 

Monitoring emergency room visits

The number of emergency room visits due to slip-and-fall accidents is startling and provides a clear indication of just how common they are. Research suggests that over two million people each year are forced to attend the emergency room because they have slipped or fallen over. In other words, slip-and-fall accidents account for approximately 2000 injuries every day in the United States.  

Falls cause severe injuries

There are numerous types of injuries that can be sustained during a fall, and the fall doesn’t even need to be from a height. Many people suffer bone fractures after losing their balance and the recovery period for these injuries can be extended. 

Perhaps the most serious issue to consider in slip-and-fall is head injuries. In some cases, an individual may hit their head on a sharp surface, causing the skin to break and even the skull to fracture. Nonetheless, head injuries that show no outward symptoms, such as blood, can be just as dangerous. The problems may be going on beneath the surface in the form of internal injuries. Also, head injuries do not always present themselves immediately. Symptoms can begin days or even weeks after the fact. 

If you have been in a slip-and-fall accident, your first port of call should be to seek medical treatment. After that, you may want to consider the different legal options open to you.