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3 tips for helping kids during divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Family Law

Children whose parents are divorcing have to cope with a major life change. They’re likely counting on both parents to help them as they go through these. 

One of the most important things to remember is that you must do what’s in the child’s best interests. This might not always be what’s easiest for you, but you must put them first. 

#1: Use direct communication

Direct communication between you and your ex can help to alleviate many misunderstandings. Never rely on the children to relay messages back and forth because it puts them in a difficult position. They have to remember what both parents say. Plus, they may have to deal with less-than-desirable reactions from their parents. 

#2: Encourage friendships and relationships

Children need to know they can continue to have meaningful relationships and friendships. This includes ones with people on both sides of their family. Knowing that they can continue those with the blessing of their parents is important, so encourage them to continue to spend time with individuals they’re close to. 

#3: Continue normal activities

Being able to keep up with their normal activities, including extracurricular activities, is important. Work with your ex to make these possible. Figuring out the schedule for getting them to those activities and working out the financing for these activities are important tasks for you and your ex. 

You and your ex should set the parenting plan based on what’s best for the children. Establishing the ground rules early helps to provide stability for the children, which can help them to thrive despite the divorce.