Providing The Effective Counsel You Deserve

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Providing The Effective Counsel You Deserve

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Photo of the legal professional at Corona Law Firm P.A.
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Drawing On Our Years Of Experience On Behalf Of Florida Workers

Many employers abuse their own employees and cheat their employees of their wages and don’t pay the minimum wage or do not pay proper overtime.  We can help and these cases you don’t pay us any fees unless we get you money for your damages.

Employees across the state struggle to speak up about mistreatment in the workplace, and when they do finally say something, they often meet resistance. This is absolutely wrong; if it is happening to you, know that you deserve better.

Do You Understand Your Rights According To Employment Law?

Employers often take advantage of the power dynamics at play in their business, particularly when it comes to workers. The legal system has provisions to protect you and your rights, especially when you work with a law firm that understands the duties and obligations that bind employers.

Employees’ rights can be put into a few general categories regarding:

  • Wages: Employee misclassification, withholding wages, failure to pay overtime and other payroll issues fall under this category.
  • Benefits: If your employer is not offering you appropriate benefits, fails to provide promised benefits or violates rights under laws like the Family Medical Leave Act, this category of laws applies.
  • Hiring and firing: If you face discrimination in the hiring or firing process or if your employer uses illegal hiring or firing practices, the legal protections here can offer you compensation.
  • Workplace: You have the right to a safe workplace free from hostility. Discriminatory practices, including tolerating sexual harassment, racist jokes or other issues come into play in this area.

Our attorneys are prepared to compile the evidence for your case and pursue your rights in negotiation, mediation or court.

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The attorneys at Corona Law Firm, P.A., are both highly compassionate and highly effective lawyers with the tools to hold your employer accountable in the wake of employment law violations. Our team creates legal strategies designed to maximize your settlement and achieve the best outcomes. Call our office today at 305-521-9592.