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The 3 main driving distractions

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Personal Injury

Driving distractions come in many forms when you look at individual events. One distracted driver could be turning around to help their children, for instance, while another is trying to take a video with their phone. Both drivers are distracted in quite different ways.

However, these drivers may share more similarities than differences. This is because most distractions are not unique, but fit into one of three main categories. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has defined them as follows:

1. Cognitive distractions

First off, remember that driving is a mental task and drivers need to be actively paying attention. Even if someone’s mind is just wandering, they are mentally distracted. Some reports claim that this is one of the most common types of distracted driving. Other cognitive distractions include listening to music or reading a text message.

2. Visual distractions

In the example above, both drivers may look away from the road, meaning that these are also examples of visual distractions. But there are many types of visual distractions, and some feel necessary to drivers – such as looking at the GPS screen or adjusting the mirrors. Necessary or not, they can and do cause car accidents. 

3. Physical distractions

Finally, any task the driver is trying to perform while also operating the vehicle could be a physical distraction. One example is typing a text message or manipulating an electronic device. But giving snacks to children, changing the radio station or adjusting the seat are also examples of physical distractions.

Driving is incredibly common and leads to numerous car accidents every year. Those who have been injured or lost loved ones need to know how to seek compensation.