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My ex won’t let me see my kid. What do I do?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Family Law

Child custody can be heavily contested during the divorce. In fact, it is not uncommon for this matter to be revisited even after finalizing the divorce. Life is never a straight line, and this can trigger a renegotiation of the existing child custody order.

Another unfortunate truth is that some couples carry on with the bad blood long after the divorce is finalized. And sometimes, these conflicts revolve around access to your child. If your ex is violating the existing custody arrangement and, thus, preventing you from seeing your child, you need to take steps to remedy the situation.

But first, why would your ex bar you from seeing your child?

To effectively address the issue of denied visitation, it helps to stand by understanding why your ex is violating the custody order in the first place. While most reasons are contestable, a few could be valid. For instance, neglect, abuse and unsafe environments can justify the other parent’s decision to withhold visitation.

Here are some of the reasons why the custodial parent may withhold visitation:

  • If your ex disapproves of your lifestyle
  • If you are consistently failing to return the child in time
  • If the child has disclosed that they do not want to see you
  • If your ex’s work or school schedule is conflicting with the visitation times

So what should you do if you are unable to see your child?

Once you have established why your ex is withholding visitation, you may want to talk to them about it. Sometimes, all it takes to resolve a visitation dispute is coming up with a new schedule that works for both parties. Should this work out, be sure to inform the court about this new schedule.

However, there are instances when your ex may deliberately violate a custody order to punish you. In this case, consider seeking the court’s assistance in enforcing the custody order.

Understanding your legal options during a custody dispute can help you safeguard your relationship with your little one.