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Can a brain injury lead to severe personality changes?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Personal Injury

While there is still much mystery surrounding how the brain works, researchers have made great strides in recent decades to unravel how certain functions and operations are tied together. After a serious traumatic brain injury (TBI), victims will likely suffer numerous categories of injuries each with their own devastating symptoms.

Medical professionals classify TBI symptoms into three categories: physical, cognitive and emotional. Physical symptoms are those with a bodily component such as a headache or loss of balance. Cognitive symptoms are those with neurological elements such as memory loss, trouble making decisions or loss of speech capacity. Emotional symptoms can run the range from anxiety and depression to changes in personality.

Why is a personality change so harmful?

The victim of a TBI might not even realize they are exhibiting the characteristics of a change in personality. They might assume that all is as it has ever been. Unfortunately, loved ones, close friends and co-workers could witness firsthand the changes in an individual’s demeanor.

An individual will likely build his or her entire life around their persona. From the type of job that suits them best to friends who feature the same personality traits, a sudden change in personality can mean an entire system of life is out of congruence. What happens when a person has built their profession around patience and understanding a customer’s issues, but their personality changes have left them prone to anger and irritability? The TBI might likely force a career change. Similarly, a dramatic change in personality might be too much for a significant other to absorb, leaving the personal relationship in shambles.

Further, the TBI could lead to severe, diagnoseable conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and numerous phobias related to the accident. Whether the TBI is the result of a motor vehicle collision, a fall from height during a construction project or a slip-and-fall in the produce section of a grocery store, the victim can suffer devastating symptoms that could make certain aspects of their previous life unlivable. After any type of head trauma, it is crucial to seek a thorough medical diagnosis.