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Does your motorcycle helmet need to be brand new?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | General

It is not compulsory for those who are over 21 to wear a motorcycle helmet in Florida, but many riders still choose to do so. Thorough research has been conducted that appears to show helmets can make a huge difference in terms of personal safety.

It is important to remember that the condition a helmet is in plays a pivotal role in how effective it is in helping to prevent severe injuries. You take a risk when purchasing a second-hand helmet. How do you know that it has not been in an accident before?

Outlined below are some checks you can perform on your motorcycle helmet. These can be practiced on your current headgear or a potential purchase.

Check for blemishes on the visor

Visibility is key to staying safe on a motorcycle. Your visor offers protection from the sun, dust and other loose obstacles. If your visor is marked, this can create a distraction. You want to clean your visor every time before you set off to ensure that visibility is optimal. If there are noticeable cracks in the visor, then you may want to consider getting it replaced. If a stone or other object strikes a broken visor while in motion, it could shatter and cause serious injuries.

Marks on the exterior

A helmet cannot retain a pristine paint job forever, but there is a huge difference between surface scratches and damage to the structural integrity of the helmet. If you notice a crack on any part of the exterior, it might be safest to replace the headwear. Cracks in the design mean that it has lost some strength and simply will not offer you the same protection from head injuries should you crash or fall.

A safe helmet could literally mean the difference between life and death. If you have been injured because of another road user, whether you were wearing a helmet or not, make sure you take a closer look at your legal options.